Light Up The Stars

During an interview, a journalist told me that my book is good but it is too long and too complex. That’s why I decided to summarize it with six children’s songs. The sixth (and last one) is the one that best sums up the whole book.
01, Let’s imagine to have a small boat. This boat is your idea. Unique (just like you are) – an idea that can change the future, yours and the one of all your friends.

02, The first thing to do is to find the most suitable sea where your boat can sail. The right environment where your idea can grow and be turned into value. Just like a pumpkin that turns into a carriage.

03, Once your boat is in the sea you need the wind to make it sail. This wind are the people who believe (with you) in your idea – although apparently it might seem absurd, just like putting an elephant on a spider web.

04, But people are not enough. In order to develop an idea we also need the right resources. Not many resources, just the bare necessities.

05, Your boat is now ready to go and reach the harbour where it can meet other boats and other people. With the right resources and the right people your idea is ready to be developed and to become the kind of work that gives you happiness.

06, But just as the boats are not made to stay in the harbour, your idea has to go beyond and turn into a star. Why being the first in something that someone has already done when you can be the only one in something that no one has yet done?