Over the last ten years I have been helping companies and brands to innovate, create and tell their value. I have written three books (published in different languages) about marketing and strategy and I teach at SDA Bocconi School of Management, which is ranked by the FinancialTimes as one of the top business schools in Europe. For business arrangements, please contact me at jacopo@jacopoperfetti.com.


Strategy Consultancy:

Strategy doesn’t mean competing by imitation to be the best and gain market shares. Strategy means competing by innovation to be unique and open up a new market space in order to create value for the customers and profit for the company, performing different activities from those of rivals.




Marketing Consultancy:

Marketing is not about what we do but where, when, how and, above all, why we do it and who we do it for. It is not about product development, it is about customer development. We first understand the market and its needs and then we build the product or service that satisfies those needs.




Select brands I worked with: