Born For This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do
Author: Guillebeau, Chris
Notes by: Jacopo Perfetti.

while the actual lottery is nearly impossible to win, the career lottery isn’t. This is very important ! If the actual lottery is set up properly, there’s no way to hack it. You win or you lose — and most of us lose, of course — according to the laws of probability and other variables that are completely outside your control .
just knowing what’s out there can give you confidence to proceed, or the wisdom to back away if it really is too risky .
we tend to make decisions based on fear or perceived scarcity, we sometimes feel pushed into a less - than - ideal course of action .
“career insurance,” in the following ways. Have more than one source of income. Even if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur or real estate mogul, having regular income from more than
How do you become luckier? An old idea suggests that luck is predictable, and to have more of it, you should take more chances .
to be luckier, take better chances .
whether a real one or the career equivalent surrounded by cubicle walls, will force you to think differently and use a varied set of skills and tools. Most universities do not award degrees in escapology, and even if your prison is a corporate one, no one will hand you a key to freedom. Just as in prison, you’ll need to make one yourself .
Steve Martin said : “When you’re just starting out, don’t just be good — be so good they can’t ignore you.”
the 100 Person Project helps you to discover what you can offer .
The best method for choosing between two or more viable paths or opportunities? First, expand your options. Then start limiting them .
Jay - Z, Shawn Carter was a drug dealer who worked the public housing projects of Brooklyn .
At age 15, Shawn Carter had two primary activities. One was writing rap lyrics in his kitchen. The other was selling crack in the stairwells of the Marcy housing
Option 1 : Professional drug dealer Option 2 : Professional entertainer
popular principle from sociology called “the strength of weak ties.”
our acquaintances
can open more doors to more people, and thus introduce us to more opportunities, than our friends can .
because we tend to travel in the same circles as our friends, but people we know only casually ( “weak ties” ) tend to have much different networks of friends and other acquaintances .
Almost without exception, those who succeed in the new economy share four specific characteristics : a body of work ( product ), a group of fans ( audience ), a means of sharing the body of work ( platform ), and a way of getting paid for their work ( money ) .
Jason HeadsetsDotCom — an actual, legal name, but obviously not the one he had been given by his parents. Then, for another year after that, he was Jason SurfrApp, another name that doesn’t show up on
Though we all try to do it from time to time, it’s been scientifically proven that the ability to multitask is largely a myth. Unfortunately, we all have only one brain, and the brain can pay attention only to one task at a time .
“I have so many ideas !” the student says. “But I don’t know which one
is best.” “It probably doesn’t matter,” says the teacher. “Just pick one of them and do it.”
Like it or not, by refusing to make a choice, you’ve already made a choice to do nothing. And doing something — or several things, even if they turn
Where did she find the time? She gives an answer common to many people who do what they love : “It’s less about how do I find time and more about why do I find time. You’ll always find time for things that
have a strong enough why.”
multipod ?
Lewis Howes
fate intervened and shattered both dreams. First he was injured while playing football,
For most of his early life, Lewis had wanted nothing else other than to be a pro athlete .
When Lewis fell, he fell hard. Not having a fallback plan,
But then he realized he could have another dream .
He became an entrepreneur and advisor, starting multiple small businesses and helping authors succeed with big book launches. Then he started a podcast, The School of Greatness,
he found a way to redirect his energy toward a different series of high - performance goals .
Fight Your FOMO
It’s called “three feet from gold,” and
it was made popular through Dale Carnegie’s much -
quoted book Think and Grow Rich .
just three feet from where the original prospector gave up .
The thinking is directly related to the fear of missing out, or FOMO. But while FOMO is a very normal and natural human emotion,
To win, sometimes you need to find a new game to play.