Hi, I’m Jacopo Perfetti, I do, write and teach entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur, author of three books and professor at SDA Bocconi School Of Management, once an art curator by profession, today only for passion. Every Friday morning I send a newsletter about entrepreneurship and innovation.



“I had different opportunities to work with Jacopo. I asked him to help us, PE fund, to review strategic positioning of different asset and executing business dd. I recommend Jacopo for his accuracy and open mind in facing different kind of business.”

- Filippo Gaggini, Managing Director Progressio SGR

I help companies and brands cultivate an entrepreneurial approach and innovate their business model (before it's too late).
Brands I have worked with: Adidas, Branca, Campari, Eni, Fastweb, GTech (Lottomatica), HP, Lombardini22, Rinascente e Samsung.


“I am an entrepreneur and I think that jobs are not found. jobs are not lost, jobs are there to be invented.”

Previous Entrepreneurial Projects.

2015/2018Founder of Artlane
2017/2018Founder of Placework
2016/2017Co-Founder of IndieJobs
2015/2018Partner of Hevai
2006/2014Co-Founder of ArtKitchen
2010/2014Co-Founder of Superground
2009/2011Co-Founder of Akitique
2004/2006Co-Founder of Sagapò


2016/2017Welivery (startup deck)
2017/2018Plastic Zero (startup deck)
2015/2016BikeBack (startup deck)
2015/201648Food (startup deck)

Publishing projects.

2015/2016Make The Sky Bloom

Cultural projects.

2009/2012Pagina Bianca
2002/2006Illegal Art Show
             All the exhibitions.


“Like all authoritative authors, Jacopo Perfetti renders a complex situation simple and understandable and advises us to view the world from a different perspective.”
- Gianfilippo Cuneo, Presidente di Synergo SGR

Books in Italian.

2017“Inventati il lavoro”, Feltrinelli (Buy)
2016“L’impresa Concentrica”, McGraw-Hill (Buy | Abstract)
2015“Fai Fiorire il Cielo”, Sperling&Kupfer (Buy | Abstract)

Books in other languages.

2017“성공하는 아이디어에 영감을 주는 거의 모든 이야기”, Corea (Buy)

Co-written books.

2019“L’ecosistema della formazione”, Egea (Buy)


2018“Business Stories”, Fired (Free download)
2016“L’idea Vale”, Sperling&Kupfer (Buy | Abstract)

Selected art catalogues.

2018“Blek LeRat”, Wunderkammern (Intro)
2014“Mondo Tondo”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
2010“TvBoy: MashUp”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
2007“Street Art Sweet Art”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
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Teaching & Public Speaking

“Jacopo Perfetti brings a brilliant intuition to bear in a clear and stimulating explanation of the most interesting phenomena we encounter every day in transformations of business models.”
- Paolo Ainio, Chairman ePrice SpA

Current University Courses.

2016/2019“Imprenditorialità”, Executive MBA, SDA Bocconi, It.
2018/2019“Understanding The Customer”, Univ. Cattolica, Eng.
2018/2019“Business Model Innovation”, Univ. Ca’ Foscari, It.
2019/2019“Marketing Innovation”, Les Roches (CH), Eng.

Main Conferences.

2018Festival della Letteratura (Mantova).
2018Festival del Lavoro (Milano).
2017JOB&Orienta (Verona).
2016Forum per lo sviluppo economico (Torino).
2015Book City (Milano).
2012Festival della Mente (Sarzana).

Main Interviews.

Omnibus (la7), SkyTg24 Economia, HuffingtonPost, Harvard Business Review Italia, TG3, Corriere Della Sera, CheFuturo!, Il Foglio.


“Jacopo Perfetti has managed to interpret the human and working revolution of an entire generation.”
- Damiano Crognali, journalist
Jacopo Perfetti, MBA, is a Fellow Professor of Entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School Of Management and Lecturer at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Cattolica University of Milan where he teaches Marketing. He has written three books (published in Italy by McGrawHill, Sperling&Kupfer and Feltrinelli) about marketing, business model innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the last ten years he has been working as a creative and marketing consultant for many Italian and international brands. His projects or books have been reviewed in many magazines including ilSole24Ore, CorriereDellaSera, Harvard Business Review, Repubblica, ilGiornale, EconomyUp, MarieClaire and VanityFair.