Knowledge can't increase if not shared

Many years ago, a young poet left his house with two cans of paint, a white one and a black one. At one point, he stopped, drew a long white stripe on a city wall and wrote “Knowledge can’t increase if not shared”. 
This is a short fragment of a poem that sums up my idea of “knowledge”.
Knowledge isn’t something you can buy. Money doesn’t matter, it’s all about time, passion, culture, open-mindedness, effort, consciousness, curiosity and intelligence. These are the qualities that make us unique and allow us to think above the banality of material processes.
Knowledge is the only asset that increases in value via sharing. The more you spread it, the more it will grow and strengthen. Intellectual egoists will try to keep knowledge to themselves, trying to hide it just like Plauto’s Aulularia, but they only render it sterile and useless. Knowledge isn’t something to own, but it is something to be. You can only research knowledge, as it is infinite and keeps flowing just like a revolution slipping away from the hands of those trying to stop it. Knowledge is unique – you can’t know more or less than someone else, you can only know differently. Every opinion creates a new question that raises questions on our entire consciousness.
Knowledge creates freedom, as it is at the fundaments of the concept of liberty. As long as we have the opportunity to discuss and share our ideas, we could consider ourselves free. Knowledge allows us to learn from the experience of others, from mistakes, thoughts, dreams and life of those who lived before us. Knowledge is beautiful, surprising, stunning, inspiring and unifying, as it adds value to cultural diversity.