Love What You Do

Today I was walking the streets of Milan when I came across a writing on a wall: “Love What You Do”. At the beginning, it drew my attention simply because I’m used to reading all the writing on the wall that see. Basically because I find them (the writings on the wall) the most genuine and true expression of human thought. More than what you can read on a newspaper or on the Internet. Nevertheless a few minutes later, I was on the point of turning back to change that writing, but I didn’t do it, for three reasons 1) I didn’t have a marker. 2) I was late. 3) I didn’t want to change a message someone else left. Now the point is the order of the sentence. It’s not “Love What You Do” but its complementary opposite. “Do What You Love”. The difference is thin but deep. “Love What You Do” means that first you do and then you try to love what you are doing. And that sounds like an imposition. It’s a passive message. Avoid the act of choice. “Do What You Love” instead, means first you understand what you love and then you try to realize it. Just like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra when you turn from camel to lion. From “I have to love what I do” to “I want to do what I love”.