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I build robots that can write, and I write stuff robots can’t (yet) write.
∅   Co-founder of Oblique.AI
◍   Author of 1500+ posts and 4 books
⁂  TEDx Speaker
∀  Fellow at SDA Bocconi
▞   Former curator (underground)
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Every Friday morning I send CORRENTE, a newsletter where I talk about the phenomena of the incredible era we live in:

Entrepreneurial projects.

«We are verbs not nouns» said British actor Stephen Fry. As verbs, we evolve and change over time. As people and as professionals today, we are called to continually re-invent ourselves, innovating our present job through what we have learned from our past jobs.
Current projects:
Oblique.AI: Oblique is a consulting and creative firm powered by artificial intelligence. Find out more
Plastic Zero: Based in Italy and Indonesia, Plastic Zero helps brands offset the plastic waste they produce and consume. Find out more


Past Projects:
Concentrico: A strategic consulting firm that helps companies and startups innovate their business model and seize new opportunities. Find out more.
Artlane: A communication agency specializing in Below the Line events and projects. Launched in 2015, it is now part of Lombardini 22 Group. Find out more.
Placework: An app to work anywhere thanks to a network of venues distributed throughout the city of Milan. Launched in 2017 in Milan as an MVP and shut down in 2019. Find out more
Indiejobs: An online platform for recruiting gig workers and remote workers. Launched in 2018 as an MVP. Find out more
Welivery: A digital restaurant with a cause: cooking and delivering better food for a better life and a better world. Launched in 2017 as an MVP and shut down in 2018. Find out more
Art Kitchen: A communication and production agency for art events, art catalogs, and exhibitions. Launched in 2006 and closed in 2014. Find out more
Akitique: A store in Milan with a selection of objects made by a network of 120 creatives. Opened in 2010 and closed in 2012. Find out more
Superground: A 600 sqm cultural space in Milan proposing events, gigs, and educational activities. Opened in 2010 and closed in 2015. Find out more
Cultural projects: between 2003 and 2013 I curated several contemporary art exhibitions and some catalogs. Find out more




Editorial Projects.

In this picture, I am a lecturer at the Festivaletteratura, a festival that celebrates my greatest passion: writing. I have always been filling the pages of my notebooks with words and notes. Some of these words turn into posts on my blog or newsletters, and others turn into articles or books.
Set in a futuristic New Berlin, the capital of a world where everything has been privatized, «T.E.R.R.A.» is a psycho-technological thriller full of twists and turns, life stories and food for thought about an ever-present future.
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Inventati il lavoro.
Feltrinelli, 2017.
Marco Porcaro, serial entrepreneur and founder of Cortilia, described the book as follows: «The book that will definitely push you to change your boss. The new one will be you!» Inside the book, I propose a practical and original path to create your own job through dozens of stories, hundreds of tools, and many case studies.
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The Concentric Enterprise.
McGraw-Hill, 2016.
Today’s competitive environment generates new business models that thrive on market uncertainty and complexity. These are lean and flexible organizations premised on a stakeholder network, the product of unique and distinctive activities, that devolve their costs to the periphery while retaining profits and control at the center: welcome to the era of concentric enterprises.
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Make The Sky Bloom.
Sperling&Kupfer, 2015.
Inspired by the life of entrepreneurs, musicians, directors, philosophers, writers, and artists, “Make the Sky Bloom” offers a six-step method to think and develop extraordinary ideas based on a true story.
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Foreign Languages:
성공하는 아이디어에 영감을 주는 거의 모든 이야기.
Miraebook Publishing Co, 2016.
An essay published in South Korea titled «All the Roads to Success» tells stories of innovators and artists and offers a six-step model for making creative and entrepreneurial ideas happen.


Fenomeni terrestri.
Self Publishing, 2021.
A brief e-book that chronicles twenty-eight phenomena of the current era.
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Business Stories.
Self Publishing, 2019.
An e-book that collects stories, tools, and tips for setting up your own business and innovating the way you work.
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L’idea Vale!
Sperling&Kupfer, 2016.
An e-book about idea generation and creativity where I sum up the acronym B.E.S.T.O.F.A.L.L.T.I.M.E. with the thirteen crucial features of any successful idea, and I tell the stories of companies, artists, and marketing campaigns that expressed those features and put them to good use.
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Art Catalogs:
I was once an art curator by profession, now only by passion. Here is a selection of art catalogs I have curated:
  • “Blek LeRat”, Wunderkammern (Intro)
  • “Mondo Tondo”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
  • “TvBoy: MashUp”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
  • “Street Art Sweet Art”, Skira (Buy | Intro)
Read all the catalogs




I think that education should not be limited to offering courses, but rather paths. Paths made up of both theory and practice. Paths that combine words and experiences. Monologues to dialogues. And teaching to group work.


Work Together

My main areas of interest and study are entrepreneurship, business model innovation, management, digital transformation, and marketing.
  • Fellow Professor at SDA Bocconi School of Business, Milano, Italy.
  • Lecturer at l’International Summer School dell’Università Cattolica, Milano, Italy.
  • Lecturer at l’Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy.
  • Lecturer at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland.

I speak about Entrepreneurship, Labor, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Creativity, and New Business Models at conferences and events. You can write me here for my participation in business events or festivals. Among the conferences I have attended as a speaker:
  • TEDxCastelFrancoVeneto.
  • Festival della Letteratura (Mantova).
  • Festival del Lavoro (Milano).
  • JOB&Orienta (Verona).
  • Forum per lo sviluppo economico (Torino).
  • Book City (Milano).
  • Festival della Mente (Sarzana).

Jacopo Perfetti is Fellow of Innovation at SDA Bocconi School of Management. His areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation of business models, digital transformation, sustainability and marketing. At SDA Bocconi, he is the Coordinator of the Concentration in Entrepreneurship of the Executive MBAs. He has been a speaker for various brands (including ENI, Ikea and Samsung) and has participated in festivals and events such as the Festival della Mente in Sarzana, the Festival del Lavoro, the Festival della Letteratura di Mantova and BookCity. With his consulting firm he helps companies and startups to cultivate an entrepreneurial approach and innovate their business model. Among the brands he has worked with are Adidas, Branca, Campari, Eni, Fastweb, HP and Lombardini22. From 2003 to 2019 he launched several entrepreneurial initiatives following personally, as CEO and Founder, the development of an entrepreneurial project from the conception phase to the Exit. He has written three essays (for McGrawHill, Sperling & Kupfer and Feltrinelli) published in Italy and abroad on entrepreneurship and business model innovation, and his publications have appeared in various newspapers including EconomyUp, Corriere della Sera and the Harvard Business Review. Jacopo holds an Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan. Passionate about art and writing, he has curated exhibitions and catalogs of contemporary art and in 2021 he published his first novel. He lives in Milan and he is married and has two children.